Navy Unit Commendation

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Donald C. Winter Secretary of the Navy

For exceptionally meritorious service while conducting operations of vital importance to the National Security of the United States from 23 July to 28 November 2007. USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23) successfully completed extremely demanding and arduous independent submarine operations. These operations, characterized by the use of highly unique and specialized Ocean Engineering systems, were conducted under a wide-range of adverse and extremely stressful conditions. Displaying superior professionalism and technical competence, Jimmy Carter completed every assigned task regardless of the complexity. The accomplishments of Jimmy Carter can be directly attributed to the superb training, perseverance, aggressive teamwork, and foresight of the entire crew. By their truly distinctive achievements, unrelenting resourcefulness, and steadfast devotion to duty, the officers and enlisted personnel of USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23) reflected great credit upon themselves and upheld the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

November 28, 2007