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In the United States Navy since 1999, Daniel Osterday has led projects and process improvement initiatives in Recruiting, in Human Resources, and as an Electronics Technician in Submarine Strategic Weapons. He is an experienced leader, James Madison University College of Business Certified Manager, Global Career Development Facilitator, U.S. Department of Labor Journeyman Counselor, Navy Command Career Counselor, has quality assurance experience, is accustomed to handling PII, PHI, and classified material, and is certified by the Department of Homeland Security in Sensitive Security Information.

His service in four nuclear-powered submarines include USS Rhode Island (SSBN-740) as Navigation Center Supervisor; USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23), Detachment UR&D, for Mission #1, an arduous 137-day Special Operations mission that stole the record for the longest submarine deployment made in the preceding 20 years; USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN-730) as Navigation Leading Petty Officer; and USS Kentucky (SSBN-737) doubled as Navigation Leading Petty Officer and Command Career Counselor through a post-overhaul crew split, DASO Certification, and successful test flight of two TRIDENT II (D5) Life Extension (LE) missiles.

Daniel loves making a large positive impact on the employee experience by supporting the design and implementation of HR programs and initiatives. Accustomed to dynamic work environments, he is a problem solver and team builder with exceptional written and oral communication skills. His decisions are creative, rational, and definite — and get results. He has superior time management skills and uses technology to the fullest. Mentoring is his top priority, illustrated by a decade in human resources positions including work as the Career Development Team HR Manager of 19 counselors helping 389 sailors, as a training group manager, personally overseeing the peer-to-peer mentorship among 221 sailors, leading 42 sailors to achieve the DHS SSI certification, others to college enrollment, a member of his team to spot-promotion and recognition as Junior Sailor of the Year, and his own recognition as Leading Petty Officer of the Year.

Infusing an astounding 1043 man-years of service into the Navy, he is an astute full-cycle recruiter. At Navy Recruiting District Los Angeles, he has remained a top-ranked recruiting supervisor for three years. Recipient of the Recruiter of the Year award among Navy Recruiting Region West (560 recruiting offices in 13 states, plus Guam and Japan) for producing five-times the National average, and induction into the Navy Recruiting Hall of Fame, he was hand-selected to manage Navy Recruiting Station Palmdale where he produced 148 new Navy contracts and developed three new award-winning supervisors. In USS Kentucky (SSBN-737), his 87 retention contracts yielded $2.75M in bonuses and the Navy Retention Excellence Award two years in a row. At Navy Reserve Recruiting Station Encino he continues his excellent track record as a nuclear officer recruiter, attributing his achievements to his true desire to see others succeed, his skill in communication, mastery in prioritization, and world-class customer service. His leadership background yields an efficacy for talent acquisition and Human Resources applications.

In Strategic Weapons Navigation, the systems under his cognizance supported the United States Strategic Command’s nuclear deterrence objectives. He has experience leading teams in maintenance, and in monitoring multiple mission-critical systems through evaluation, troubleshooting, monitoring precision inertial navigation systems and other supporting systems, with the responsibility to react effectively to their outputs and alerts. Further, he has functioned as a technical writer and is comfortable briefing diverse groups. He participated in DASO #26, is certified by the Department of the Navy to manage operations and maintenance in the TRIDENT II D5 Backfit SWS Navigation Subsystem and participated, by special invitation, in the SSP Shipboard Integration Increment 4 (SSI-4) TR-D1 Software Validation aboard USNS Waters to provide insight into the SSI-4 Navigation Center and direct impact in shaping the end product delivered to the SSBN fleet.

A certified Network Security Vulnerability Technician, he is experienced in information assurance, packet analysis, operating system hardening, virtual private networking, encryption and anonymity. His recommendations have protected millions of data records from security breach, and improved cybersecurity in the Navy.

A problem solver, Daniel continually looks for ways to make improvement. His two approved Military Cash Awards Program (MILCAP) recommendations provide significant savings to the U.S. Government. The technique he discovered for field-repairing a lowest replaceable unit in the Navy’s sound-powered telephone system resulted in an update to technical manuals, saving over $100,000 per year in eliminated waste. Also, the standardized work routine he developed for coordinators of the Navy College Program for Afloat Education (NCPACE) was distributed worldwide, greatly improving consistency among staff members.

He has earned an Associate’s Degree in Technical Arts from Olympic College, a Votech in Marine Electronic Systems from North Central Michigan College, six Navy Enlisted Classifications, several professional certifications, a lengthy training transcript, and is enrolled in the University of Oklahoma Administrative Leadership B.A. program.

His job performance recognition includes the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (seven awards), the Navy Unit Commendation, the Meritorious Unit Commendation (four awards), the Navy Expeditionary Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary and Service Medals, the Navy “E” (four awards), the Good Conduct Medal (five awards), the Submarine Warfare and Strategic Deterrence insignia, the Recruiting Excellence Gold Wreath (11 awards), the Navy Recruiting Service Ribbon, and the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal.

At present, Daniel is a member of the Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate (NUPOC) team at Navy Recruiting District Los Angeles where he sets a high bar for what the candidate experience should be, keeping applicants excited and informed throughout the recruiting process. An inspiring counselor, his presentations play a vital role in connecting imagination with decisive action, helping to launch new careers and achieve exciting career milestones.