August 5, 2008 to November 15, 2008

Posted in Military Performance Evaluations

8/5/08 to 11/15/08

Daniel D. Arensmeyer, CDR, USN
USS Henry M. Jackson SSBN-730(G)

  • Paygrade: E6
  • Professional knowledge: 4
  • Quality of work: 3
  • Equal opportunity: 3
  • Military bearing / Character: 3
  • Personal job accomplishment / Initiative: 4
  • Teamwork: 3
  • Leadership: 3
  • Individual trait average: 3.29
  • Promotion recommendation: Promotable


PRI: Navigation Division-3

COLL: Command Top Secret Custodian-2

WATCH: Navigation Center Watch-2

Leave/Transit: 8/5/08 ~ 8/28/08

Petty Officer Osterday has quickly established himself as a stellar performer. Only ranked promotable due to short time onboard.

•  Technical Expert. Once aware of a weakness in the SUBSKILLSNET training program infrastructure, he volunteered to spearhead the corrective actions necessary to increase the program’s training effectiveness. His initiative and motivation are clearly evident as he demonstrated a drive to improve my training programs. He has already displayed a superior level of knowledge in strategic navigation and is a major asset to his division.

•  Teamwork. He is a fantastic team member. Working to facilitate an inport four section watchbill, he rapidly re-qualified Navigation Center Supervisor. This task contributed to the successful completion of over 100 maintenance projects during the most recent dry-docking refit. He consistently seeks to assist others in their tasks, is willing to work with any member of the division, assisting in the solution of all divisional problems.

Petty Officer Osterday has an unlimited potential for advancement. Recommended for advancement to Chief Petty Officer.

Qualifications: Navigation Center Watch