June 5, 2000 to June 15, 2001

Posted in Military Performance Evaluations

6/5/00 to 6/15/01

Geoffrey G. Debeauclair, LCDR, USN
USS Rhode Island SSBN-740(G)

  • Paygrade: E4
  • Professional knowledge: 3
  • Quality of work: 4
  • Equal opportunity: 4
  • Military bearing / Character: 5
  • Personal job accomplishment / Initiative: 4
  • Teamwork: 4
  • Leadership: 3
  • Individual trait average: 4.0
  • Promotion recommendation: Early Promote

Strategic Deterrent Patrol-3, Refit/Refit Assist-4, Pre-patrol Training Period-5, Tactical Readiness Evaluation (TRE), Navy Technical Proficiency Inspection (NTPI), CINCLANT Golden Anchor, COMSUBRON TWENTY Navigation Red and Green “N”.

PRI: Responsible for safe operation and navigation of TRIDENT II SSBN and maintenance of ship control and navigation equipment.

COLL: Ship’s Movie Officer-6, Divisional Calibration Petty Officer-9

WATCH: Nav Watch-12, Petty Officer of the Deck-7, Topside Sentry-12, Lookout-12

Petty Officer Osterday continues to demonstrate superb enthusiasm and initiative in pursuit of assigned qualifications. His impressive drive and motivation were contributing factors in his early submarine qualification setting an outstanding example for other newly reporting personnel to emulate.

•  His desire to learn and become an integral part of the Navigation Division has made him a tremendous asset. He willingly accepted all assigned tasks and aggressively attacked them with his utmost attention and capabilities. He requires little or no supervision in completing assigned tasks.

•  As Test Equipment Petty Officer, he ensured all required items were functional and in calibration to support RHODE ISLAND’s ability to complete her mission.

•  His tireless efforts resulted in the timely completion of numerous chart corrections directly contributed to the successful completion of the ship’s primary mission.

Petty Officer Osterday has performed superbly. He is highly recommended for advancement to Second Class Petty Officer.

Qualifications: Submarines; Petty Officer of the Deck

Education: Quality Assurance Inspector School; Basic Electronics Test Equipment School