Letter of Commendation

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Brian C. Kurzeja, CDR, USN Commanding Officer, Navy Recruiting District Los Angeles

For outstanding service as a Leading Petty Officer and Delayed Entry Program Coordinator at Navy Recruiting District Los Angeles from July 2011 to January 2014. As the Leading Petty Officer for Navy Recruiting Station Palmdale, he led the station to 148 New Contract Objectives and 148 Accessions. Additionally, he assisted four recruiters in completing their Leading Petty Officer Personnel Qualification Standards and 42 sailors to complete their Department of Homeland Security certifications in Sensitive Security Information. Engaged with the Command, he served as the Command Mentorship Coordinator, Divisional Career Counselor and First Class Petty Officer Association Vice President. I commend you for a job extremely well done. Bravo zulu!

January 17, 2014