Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal

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Peter J. Clarke, CDR, USN Commanding Officer, USS Rhode Island (SSBN 740)(Gold)

For professional achievement while serving as a member of Navigation Division in USS Rhode Island (SSBN 730)(Gold) from April to November 2003. Petty Officer Osterday consistently performed his demanding duties in an exemplary and highly professional manner. His expert technical knowledge and take charge attitude resulted in his qualification as Navigation Center Supervisor, one of a select few Navigation Operators in the submarine force to qualify on his first tour. Petty Officer Osterday’s outstanding performance as bridge GPS operator significantly improved the ship’s ability to conduct surfaced transits in all conditions, as demonstrated by the above average grade for navigation on the most recent Tactical Readiness Evaluation. His superb technical knowledge of the operation and maintenance of the commercial radar was instrumental in critical repairs to wiring, ensuring the radar was available for more than twenty-five surface transits. Additionally, he completed a key modification to the installation of a new commercial navigation system ensuring the system operated at full capacity. Petty Officer Osterday’s exceptional professional ability and loyal devotion to duty reflected great credit upon himself and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

December 24, 2003