Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal #2

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David A. Honabach, CDR, USN Commanding Officer, USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23)

For professional achievement while serving as a member of Mission Navigation Division in Submarine Development Squadron Five, Detachment Undersea Research & Development onboard USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23) from July to December 2007. Petty Officer Osterday consistently performed his demanding duties in an exemplary and highly professional manner. As Mission Navigation Watch, he was a key contributor in the planning of mission time lines, operational area familiarization, and multi-mission platform (MMP) operations during the ship’s inaugural mission vital to national security. His acute navigation skills were instrumental in ensuring the Mission Control Officer was able to perform all aspects of MMP operations with flawless employment of mission assets. His detailed knowledge of the climate, physical oceanography, and geographic constraints of the mission areas directly contributed to the ship’s success and ability to adapt during this pivotal period. Petty Officer Osterday’s managerial ability, personal initiative, and unswerving devotion to duty reflected credit upon himself and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

December 1, 2007