November 16, 2007 to August 4, 2008

Posted in Military Performance Evaluations

11/16/07 to 8/4/08

Ralph B. Lydick, LCDR, USN
SDS-5 Det. Undersea Research & Development

  • Paygrade: E6
  • Professional knowledge: 5
  • Quality of work: 5
  • Equal opportunity: 3
  • Military bearing / Character: 4
  • Personal job accomplishment / Initiative: 4
  • Teamwork: 4
  • Leadership: 4
  • Individual trait average: 4.14
  • Promotion recommendation: Early Promote

Deployed 46 days onboard USS JIMMY CARTER (SSN 23), providing operational and technical expertise in the execution of Multi-Mission Platform operations during the ship’s first Western Pacific deployment. Completed Depot Phased Maintenance Availability (DPMA).

PRI: Mission Navigation-6

COLL: Project Yeoman-6, Mission Planning-9, Training Petty Officer-6, SharePoint Web Portal Administrator-9, Qualification Exam Petty Officer-6.

WATCH: Sensor Supervisor-9, CBA Handling Supervisor-9, Mission Navigation Watch-9 (at sea); EES-1 Inport Technician (in port)

Submitted on the occasion of Petty Officer Osterday’s transfer to USS HENRY M. JACKSON (SSBN-730). OUTSTANDING INDIVIDUAL! His exceptional leadership ability directly contributed to Detachment Undersea Research & Development (DET UR&D) and USS JIMMY CARTER’s (SSN 23) highly successful inaugural deployment and Depot Phased Maintenance Availability (DPMA).

•  Dynamic manager. Managed and supervised the administration requirements for 46 enlisted and 6 officers. His managerial abilities and leadership was directly responsible in the accomplishment of all administrative requirements critical to DET UR&D’s success.

•  Outstanding mentor. Single handily took four newly reporting personnel and assisted in their qualification of critical watches in support of future command employment.

•  Skillful technician. As a member of Mission Navigation Division, his in depth knowledge and uncompromising work ethic were key to the completion of all divisional maintenance and repairs. His efforts ensured the highest state of material readiness for a sophisticated and unique Multi-Mission Platform Integrated Navigation System.

Petty Officer Osterday consistently displays seasoned natural leadership and an infectious work ethic. He has my STRONGEST recommendation for selection to Chief Petty Officer.

Qualifications: EES-1 Technician

Education: J-NETCORE (NEC 2735)

Awards: NAM (2nd); Navy Unit Commendation; Navy Expeditionary Medal; Battle-E; Good Conduct Medal; Sea Service Ribbon