November 16, 2008 to November 15, 2009

Posted in Military Performance Evaluations

11/16/08 to 11/15/09

Daniel D. Arensmeyer, CDR, USN
USS Henry M. Jackson SSBN-730(G)

  • Paygrade: E6
  • Professional knowledge: 4
  • Quality of work: 4
  • Equal opportunity: 3
  • Military bearing / Character: 4
  • Personal job accomplishment / Initiative: 3
  • Teamwork: 3
  • Leadership: 3
  • Individual trait average: 3.43
  • Promotion recommendation: Promotable

Patrol 69/TRE-2, Predeployment Training Period-3, Refit-1, Patrol 71/ORSE/SMI-2, Predeployment Training Period-4.

PRI: Navigation Division LPO-10. Responsible for maintenance and operation of navigation equipment.

COLL: Command GMT Coordinator-10, Command NCPACE Coordinator-10, Department LAN Administrator-10, Department Career Counselor-10

INPORT WATCH: Below Decks Watch-12

AT-SEA WATCH: Navigation Center Supervisor-12

Petty Officer Osterday continues to set the standard for First Class Petty Officers onboard JACKSON. Continuously sought out by peers and seniors alike for his expertise.

•  Recognized Technical Expert. During a critical dual EM-LOG failure, he led the Navigation Division in over 20 hours of troubleshooting and restoration of the system. This allowed the ship to remain at sea and execute her primary mission of vital importance to national security. These actions resulted in new guidance issued to the entire fleet.

•  Dedicated Trainer. During Patrol 73’s pre-deployment training period, he meticulously and expertly crafted the team he led as the Battlestations Missile Navigation Supervisor, leading to a much improved performance on the final evaluation.

•  Able Manager. With acute attention to detail, he drafted and planned the refit support plan, employing 150 men for 36 days of duty. This directly led to the ship achieving its paint and preservation goals, allowing the ship to meet all operational goals on time.

•  Team Player. As the Ship’s GMT Coordinator and the Ship’s NCPACE Coordinator, he ensured that all Sailors onboard were afforded every training opportunity available.

Petty Officer Osterday carries himself with the highest standards of honor, courage, and commitment. He is a seasoned Leading Petty Officer.

Qualifications: Navigation Center Supervisor

Education: Network Security Vulnerability Technician (NEC 2780)