November 16, 2009 to November 5, 2010

Posted in Military Performance Evaluations

11/16/09 to 11/5/10

Mark D. Behning, CDR, USN
USS Henry M. Jackson SSBN-730(G)

  • Paygrade: E6
  • Professional knowledge: 5
  • Quality of work: 5
  • Equal opportunity: 3
  • Military bearing / Character: 4
  • Personal job accomplishment / Initiative: 3
  • Teamwork: 3
  • Leadership: 3
  • Individual trait average: 3.71
  • Promotion recommendation: Early Promote

Refit-1, Patrol 73/TRE/NTPI-3, Predeployment Training Period-3, Refit-2, Patrol 75/ORSE-2, Predeployment Training Period-1.

PRI: Navigation Division LPO-9. Responsible for maintenance and operation of navigation equipment.

COLL: Section Leader-6, Command GMT Coordinator-12, Command NCPACE Coordinator-8, Department Career Counselor-7

INPORT WATCH: Navigation Watch-12

AT-SEA WATCH: Navigation Center Supervisor-12, Quartermaster of the Watch-12

Submitted upon ET1 Osterday’s transfer to NAVCRUITDIST LOS ANGELES, CA.

•  Subject Matter Expert. He speaks and writes with logic, clarity and persuasiveness. His four Strategic Navigation briefs impressed DIRSSP staff and his NAVCENTER VIP tour for two Rear Admirals was informative, energetic, and on the mark. Hand-selected as the Battle Stations Missile Strategic Navigation Supervisor, he led his team with authority and enthusiasm ensuring JACKSON always met its strategic mission.

•  Superb Administrator. As Navigation Division Leading Petty Officer, he guided 12 members through 380 maintenance evolutions and three ESGN Gyro replacements, totaling 12,600 hours of work. He performed a multitude of administrative tasks with enviable punctuality.

•  Excellent Problem Solver. His command endorsed MILCAP submission for Sound Powered Telephone repair has the potential to save the Navy more than $100,000 per year in eliminated waste. He continually looks for ways to improve the Navy and eliminate waste.

ET1 Osterday is an articulate and well organized Sailor who plans ahead and has vision for the future. I recommend him for advancement.

Qualifications: Quartermaster of the Watch; LAN Technician of the Watch; Battery Charging Electrician Forward; Fathometer Operator; Security Force Supervisor

Education: Associate’s Degree (Olympic College); Network Security Vulnerability Technician (NEC 2780)

Awards: NAM (3rd)