November 16, 2015 to July 1, 2016

Posted in Military Performance Evaluations

11/16/15 to 7/1/16

John W. Hale, CDR, USN
USS Kentucky SSBN-737(B)

  • Paygrade: E6
  • Professional knowledge: 4
  • Quality of work: 4
  • Equal opportunity: 4
  • Military bearing / Character: 4
  • Personal job accomplishment / Initiative: 5
  • Teamwork: 4
  • Leadership: 4
  • Individual trait average: 4.14
  • Promotion recommendation: Early Promote

Predeployment Training Period-3, Refresher Training-1, Patrol-1, Predeployment Training Period-2.

PRI: Navigation Division-7, Command Career Counselor-7. Leads 6 other counselors in an aggressive retention and Career Information Program serving 149 sailors.

COLL: NCPACE Coordinator-7.

WATCH: Nav Center Supervisor-7. Chief of the Watch-7.

This evaluation is submitted upon ETV1(SS) Osterday’s transfer to NAVCRUITDIST Los Angeles.

•  Inspiring Counselor. Mentored Sailors throughout the command, gaining their trust through his ability to connect imagination with decisive action; his dedication earned the FY15 Retention Excellence Award. He managed 22 reenlistments for $657,472 in bonuses culminating 102 years of continued Naval service. He continues to make a positive impact on Sailors’ experience by supporting the design and implementation of HR programs and initiatives.

•  Program Leader. Significantly improved KENTUCKY’S PII/PHI safeguarding, Family Care, Sponsor Program, and Career Development processes with his measurable inspection criteria and POA&M. He received a 100% CCC formal inspection grade, ensuring the long-term success for future managers of these critical programs.

•  Fleet Contributor. Following his vital role as Battlestations Supervisor for DASO, he participated, by special invitation, in the SSP Shipboard Integration Increment 4 (SSI-4) TR-D1 Software Validation aboard USNS WATERS. The seven software and 93 documentation discrepancies he identified provided insight into the SSI-4 Navigation Center and directly influenced the end product to be delivered to the SSBN fleet.

Petty Officer Osterday is consistently sought after for his knowledge, experience, and advice. He is recommended for continued advancement.

Qualifications: Chief of the Watch.

Awards: NAM (7th).