November 20, 2004 to October 4, 2005

Posted in Military Performance Evaluations

11/20/04 to 10/4/05

Thomas L. Frerichs, LCDR, USN
Trident Training Facility Bangor

  • Paygrade: E5
  • Professional knowledge: Not Observed
  • Quality of work: Not Observed
  • Equal opportunity: Not Observed
  • Military bearing / Character: Not Observed
  • Personal job accomplishment / Initiative: Not Observed
  • Teamwork: Not Observed
  • Leadership: Not Observed
  • Individual trait average: N/A
  • Promotion recommendation: Not Observed

Operational and maintenance training for SSBN, SSGN, and SSN submarines. Crews training resulted in 100% operational mission readiness. Coordinates Navy Learning Center’s training solutions in the PACNORWEST.

PRI: 14XM Strategic Navigation Pipeline-9 and Pre-Electronics Technical Training-2

WATCH: Roving Security-9

Leave/Transit: 11/20/04 ~ 12/30/04

Petty Officer Osterday displayed excellent technical ability as a student in the TRIDENT II (D5) Backfit Navigation Maintainer Replacement Pipeline. Specific topics of instruction are Interior Communications Maintenance (A-623-0124), BPS-15J Radar Maintenance (A-102-0060), Senior Navigation (A-061-0023) and D5 Backfit SWS Navigation Maintainer Replacement (A-193-0442). Throughout the course of instruction, he displayed thorough knowledge of the topics taught and excellent technical ability.

Qualifications: Roving Security Watch

Education: Two-Year Certification in Marine Electronic Systems

Awards: Commander Submarine Force Letter of Commendation; Good Conduct Award