Sensitive Security Information (SSI)

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American Board for Certification in Homeland Security 2750 East Sunshine Street, Springfield, MO 65804

Sensitive Security Information (SSI), Certified

Identification Number 117186

March 16, 2012


Marianne Schmid, Chief Association Officer, ABCHS 2750 East Sunshine Street, Springfield, MO 65804

I’m writing to congratulate you on your successful completion of the Sensitive Security Information, Certified course. Your certification proves that you are dedicated to protecting sensitive and confidential information in all its forms.

As you know, there are many threats to sensitive information that exist today in both the public and private sectors. We hope the course has helped you to be better prepared to meet the security challenges you will face on a daily basis.

Please contact me at 1-877-219-2519 if you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve this important program.

Again, congratulations on this accomplishment.

March 16, 2012