September 16, 2016 to September 15, 2017

Posted in Military Performance Evaluations

9/16/16 to 9/15/17

Aldrith L. Baker, CDR, USN
Navy Recruiting District Los Angeles

  • Paygrade: E7
  • Deckplate Leadership: 3
  • Institutional and Technical Expertise: 4
  • Professionalism: 3
  • Loyalty: 4
  • Character: 4
  • Active Communication: 4
  • Sense of Heritage: 3
  • Individual trait average: 3.57
  • Promotion recommendation: Promotable

Recruit high quality officer and enlisted applicants for Active and Reserve Naval service in seven Southern California counties, the state of Hawaii, Pacific Island territories, and the Far East.

PRI: Officer Recruiter-12. Assigned to Navy Reserve Recruiting Station (NRRS) Encino. Responsible for canvassing, placement, testing and processing of qualified applicants for Naval service.

WATCH: Command Duty Officer-1.


•  Excellent Recruiter. Submitted three nuclear officer applicants, 22 academic pre-screens, five NVIP submarine tours and six career fairs. He referred 10 officer and eight enlisted applicants, designed NUPOC training materials, trained five other officer recruiters on applicant tracking, wrote Solomon Act requests, obtained 14 college school lists and created a college registrar database now utilized by all officer recruiters in the NRD.

•  Deckplate Leadership. Led 12 Chiefs in auditing service records for 29 CPO board-eligibile Sailors, personally mentored 11 members toward promotion to CPO, serving as an ambassador for command culture. Coached my Command Career Counselor to a 91% inspection score and mentored two CCCs from other commands on unique HR situations.

•  Future Focused. A confident communicator, he sat 36 SOQ/SOY boards, prepared four SOQ nomination packages and two awards, took part in Equal Opportunity, provided policy guidance and interpretation, worked with leadership to identify and support justifiable promotions, and collaborated with IT to improve efficiency. Ensures continuous innovation.

Awarded Homeland Security Fellow designation and Deep Submergence Insignia.

Possesses professional competence to know what to do, fortitude to decide how to do it, and dynamic leadership to inspire others to accomplish it. Strongly recommended for promotion!