February 18, 2000 to June 4, 2000

Posted in Military Performance Evaluations

2/18/00 to 6/4/00

Geoffrey G. Debeauclair, LCDR, USN
USS Rhode Island SSBN-740(G)

  • Paygrade: E3
  • Professional knowledge: 3
  • Quality of work: 3
  • Equal opportunity: 3
  • Military bearing / Character: 3
  • Personal job accomplishment / Initiative: 3
  • Teamwork: 3
  • Leadership: 3
  • Individual trait average: 3.0
  • Promotion recommendation: Promotable

Strategic Deterrent Patrol-2

PRI: Responsible for safe operation and navigation of TRIDENT II SSBN and maintenance of ship control equipment.

COLL: Food Service Attendant-1

WATCH: Navigation Electronics Technician-1

Leave and Transit: 2/18/00 ~ 5/11/00

This evaluation is submitted on the occasion of Seaman Osterday’s frocking to ET3 on the Cycle 166 Enlisted Advancement Examination.

The following school was completed during his initial training: Trident Navigation Operator (714N/A-193-0404) from 3/3/00 ~ 5/11/00.

Seaman Osterday has demonstrated superb enthusiasm and initiative in pursuit of assigned qualifications. Although only on board for a short time, he has excelled in his qualifications. His remarkable drive will make him a strong contributing member of the Navigation Team in the very near future. He has the potential to become an outstanding sailor and an integral part of the division. Any assigned tasks are willingly accepted and attacked with his utmost attention and capabilities. He is highly recommended for advancement to Petty Officer Third Class.